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  • Gillwill

    Great for baby and dog!! I bought this for my dog who needed to be confined after surgery, but I’m now using it for my six-month old granddaughter when she visits. It has been perfect for both of them and is very sturdy. The only issue I have is that it takes quite awhile to put together and take apart. I wish there was a way to fold it up in between uses instead of taking the whole thing apart. I have left in some of the rails and have folded it up, but then it takes up a lot of room. It’s still worth it if you either use it ALL the time and keep it assembled, or if you only using it infrequently, so you don’t have to keep putting it together.

  • Jerardo

    This is just the ticket for your toddler once he/she becomes mobile. Our 9 month old grandson can disappear like a bullet. It’s perfect for those times when you can’t stare at them every second. There’s plenty of room to move around and play, but keep them under control. It’s very sturdy. He slapped the sides and it stayed put. There is space for toys, etc. We put it in the yard so they can play without worrying about running away. There is a zippered door on the side for easy access.

  • Ann Marie

    Huge play area! Pretty easy to assemble
    Just be sure to keep the poles separated while assembling. It is difficult to switch the poles around if you accidentally place the wrong ones, but this is no fault to the product lol…
    Big enough for older kids to get inside to play with their little brothers and/or sisters ❤️! Highly recommend!

  • Angie

    This was meant as a safe zone for my 2 month old baby. I have a 2yr old and a 2yr old cousin that we love with and they are hyper crazy lil monsters who I never felt comfortable having around wile having the baby on the ground for tummy time or really anything . Accidents happen you know? So now I feel safe and comfortable having all the kids together with a few precautions like the toddlers throwing toys in the safe zone while the baby is in it an she gets hit. Another would be them climbing into it an breaking the mesh… those are just my personal fears . Overall I am happy with it , gives me a great sense of comfort as well as no more feeling guilty for keeping the baby separate from her sister or cousin out of fear . I paid 76$ for it while on a lightning deal and I’m happy for that I didn’t pay full price I feel anything under 100$ is the right price for this peace of mind I know have .

  • Katie Martin

    Since my baby learned to roll, he kept moving himself to the edge of the crib, jamming his arms, feet or legs between the rails. I want a mesh liner because it is safe and breathable. So I chose TODALE’s playpen. My baby awkwardly put his face directly into the liner. If it weren’t for the mesh lining, it would make it difficult to breathe and risk choking. Of course, I moved him and didn’t put him to sleep in that awkward position, but it was reassuring to know that he wouldn’t get stuck or suffocate him again.

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